Express Live With Mona


It starts with a simple idea. And then it gets a layer. And another layer. And another. Until suddenly there’s a full-throttle, wide-open vortex of pure rock ‘n’ roll energy hurtling down the expressway at a hundred miles an hour. That’s Mona, a group of Nashville-based indie rockers who – like the structure of their songs – have been steadily accumulating momentum since first popping up on BBC’s Sound of 2011 poll and receiving MTV’s Brand New for 2011 title at the MTV Awards.

A lot’s changed since then. With new members and appearances on The Tonight Show and Conan, Mona’s stepping into its own with its latest release, In the Middle (EP).

Direct and earnest without the sap, Mona’s authentic, raw approach to creating music is paying off. Fans around the globe are discovering a compelling new sound that pays tribute to familiar contemporary indie titans like Band of Horses and The National, while also exploring the grittier fringes of rock. One thing’s for sure: there’s no other artist out there quite like Mona.

This spring you can catch Mona on tour in Seattle, Brooklyn, and everywhere in between. If you find them in a city near you, don’t miss the chance to see them with Flagship, whose fuzzy anthemic rock sound is guaranteed to pair for an incredible night of music. Also, be sure to check out Mona’s latest EP, In the Middle. We’ve definitely got this one on repeat as we hold our breath for another full-release sometime in the near future!


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