Express Live With Milky Chance


When you need to dance, but there’s no “dance music” that’s going to cut it for you… that’s when Milky Chance needs to become your go-to. In 2014, handclaps and upbeat guitar rhythms formed the basis for a surprisingly good head-bobbing soundtrack: Milky Chance’s debut record, Sadnecessary. Three years later, the German trio is back at it again with their sophomore effort, Blossom, a more polished and refined version of their original sound that maintains all the soul that made Sadnecessary a replay-worthy album.

This fall and summer, Clemens Rehbein (lead vocals, guitar), Philipp Dausch (DJ, producer), and Antonio Greger (guitar) will light up the U.S. in support of Blossom, playing dates in Charlotte, NC, Seattle, WA, and everywhere in between. Don’t miss their latest video for Blossom’s hit single, “Cocoon,” which features an incredibly gorgeous black sand beach. Loaded with reverb, throaty acoustic guitars and finger snaps, “Cocoon” is the perfect feel-good track for your summer nights.

Milky Chance will play at several festivals in the months ahead, including three in England: Latitude Festival (July 15), Beat Herder (July 14-16),  and Leeds Festival (August 25). Back in the U.S. this fall, Milky Chance will join the stage with Chance the Rapper, Muse, Gorillaz, Lorde and others at the Life Is Beautiful Festival in downtown Las Vegas (Sept. 22-24).

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