Express Live With Cloud Nothings


In 2009, before you had heard of Spotify and well before Apple Music launched, Dylan Baldi was uploading his songs under fake band names to Myspace. Of this period, Baldi says, “Trying to satisfy myself, I guess, was the real impetus behind constantly writing and recording. It was for personal enjoyment, to see if I could write a song that was better than the last song I wrote.”

Today, eight years later, Baldi is still competing with himself, but the circumstances have changed. Baldi, along with TJ Duke, Jayson Gercycz and Chris Brown, settled on the name Cloud Nothings, a moniker he used to make forays into an exploratory, fuzzy lo-fi world captured with all its sonic imperfections on the band’s debut album, Turning On. Tracks like “Hey Cool Kid” are a sudden burst of garage energy with paper-thin guitar riffs, rattling snare-driven buildups, and simplistically oh-so-gratifying melodies.

In January, Cloud Nothings released their fifth independent full-length album, Life Without Sound, a highly polished departure from their lo-fi roots. While the sound may be more radio-ready than what appeared on previous albums, there’s still that same sense of earnestness that made the band so endearing on its early releases.

Back from their Japanese tour, Cloud Nothings are hitting the road in the U.S. and Canada with summer dates in Buffalo, Atlanta, Washington D.C. and other cities. Their latest release, Life Without Sound, is available to stream/download on Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp, Google Play and Deezer.


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