Express Live With Bleachers


As his alter-ego Bleachers, singer-songwriter and mega music producer Jack Antonoff’ has filled his sophomore album, “Gone Now,” with bold, bombastic, throw-your-hands-in-the-air pop anthems. A follow up to 2014’s “Strange Desire,” which included the runaway indie radio hit “I Wanna Get Better,” Antonoff created his new music while on the road and in the home studio of the Brooklyn apartment he shares with “Girls” creator and girlfriend Lena Dunham (talk about a creative power couple!).

Like “Strange Desire,” which was written while Antonoff gigged all over the planet with his other band Fun, “Gone Now” won’t be gone anytime soon. With appearances by Lorde (Antonoff co-produced Lorde’s latest album “Melodrama”) and even Dunham herself, “Gone Now” has the late 80s, early 90s riffs that also makes Fun, well, super fun. It’s like you’re living in your own John Hughes’ high school movie, but with a fast and furious dash of punk rebellion thrown in for some extra angst.

A chronic multi-tasking workaholic, Antonoff is taking time off from his writing/producing side projects with artists like Taylor Swift, Zayn, The Killers, Grimes and others to tour with Bleachers. And Express scored a front row seat when he dropped by the Big Room.