Working Out Your Goals


We all know how hard it can be to stay motivated and keep up with those new year’s resolutions, especially when it comes to exercising. So to help you stay on your health and fitness game we reached out to our friend Stephen Cheuk from S10 Training, a New York based private training club, to give us a little workout inspiration and the lowdown on a few key workouts to keep things interesting.

What are the keys to a S10 body? What’s the ideal menu plan look like? 

Meal planning is really dependent on body type and goals. A fat loss diet is going to be completely different to someone trying to add lean muscle. We basically tweak the macros, i.e. protein, fats and carbs, depending on the individuals goals, body type, etc. One thing that stays consistent is eating all real food and from the highest source available given your means – organic is ideal – and high amounts of vegetables.

At the moment I’m trying to shred body fat and get super lean for an upcoming photo shoot. I have seven days to get as lean as possible so doing water manipulation – drinking high amounts of water, roughly three times more than normal, and tapering down to my normal consumption on the day of my shoot – helps you flush out your body of excess water weight. I’m also following a ketogenic diet, which is high fat and moderate protein, and I’m prepping every meal until the day before my shoot. Then I’ll eat high carb, moderate protein and low fat.

What are a few new workouts that you love right now?

I like to go through training phases and blocks (periodization) meaning we train a certain way for 3-6 week blocks with small micro progressions each week based on your end goal.

In prep for this shoot I want to add on some lean muscle but cut fat at the same time. I’m using a density program with a lot of volume and throwing and every second day doing a two-a-day training, adding in fat loss metabolic circuits.

What do you do to recharge the mind and body? Recommendations for others?

Personally I recharge by taking some time out in the week and doing something that is completely unrelated to my work, which for me is photography. I will walk around the city and snap some photos. I’m also big into meditation, infrared saunas and matcha. Being mindful of how your body and mind likes to be recharged will help you recover faster mentally and physically.


Below Stephen walks us through a few workouts for those often on the move who want to stay toned and continue to build muscle.

This is a 6-12-25 workout, so you are hitting strength, hypertrophy and muscular endurance all in one workout. You do 6 reps, straight into 12 reps and then into 25 reps.

Day 1: Chest and Back

A1 Flat DB press 6 reps with 5 sec tempo down with 1 sec pause on the botttom

A2 incline DB press 12 reps 3 sec tempo down

A3 push ups 25 reps


90 sec break then repeat for 3-5 sets


B1 Pull ups 6 reps sec tempo down with 1 sec dead hang on the bottom

B2 single arm DB rows 12 reps , 3 sec tempo down 1 sec squeeze at the top of the move

B3 face down DB rows 25 reps


90 sec break the repeat 3-5 sets


Day 2: Legs 

A1 DB squats 6 reps , 5 sec tempo down

A2 alternating DB lunges 12 reps

A3 jump squats 25 reps


Pause 90 sec repeat 3-5 sets


B1 DB stiff legged dead lifts , 5 sec tempo down

B2 single leg DB dead lifts 12 reps

B3 hip raises 25 reps


Pause 90 sec repeat 3-5 sets


Day 3: Arms and Abs 

A1 seated DB curls 6 reps , 5 sec tempo down

A2 spider curls 12 reps

A3 standing hammer curls 25 reps


B1 DB skull crushers 6 reps , 5 sec down

B2 DB kick backs 12 reps

B3 close grip triceps push ups 25 reps


C1 V up push ups 20 reps

C2 mountain climbers 30 sec