How to Wash Your Sweaters at Home (and Save On Dry Cleaning Bills)

By: Lili Goksenin

Sweater season means two things: We’re drinking hot cocoa pretty much every day, and those quick-and-easy laundry days from summer are a thing of the past. Now that you’re wearing boyfriend cardigans and chunky knit pullovers everyday, you have a plethora of new laundry-day rules to follow. When it comes to sweaters, you can’t just throw them in the washing machine—you really do need to check the labels for the care directions. And if you get one that says “Dry Clean Only,” we’re going to be bold here, and tell you to go rogue. Unless your sweater has an added delicate embellishment, you can—and should!—wash it at home.

But don’t just pop it in the washer! The thing to do with most sweaters is to hand-wash them. In fact, we even hand-wash sweaters that say they’re machine-washable, just to be safe.

See below for our ultimate guide on handwashing (and don’t miss the video!). Long live your sweaters!