Trae Young’s Secret to Success Is Simple (and Genius)

“I always believed I could be a pro. I never had any doubt,” Trae Young explained while shooting our fall 2018 campaign. “As a kid, I always envisioned myself making it here. Even when I was just playing outside on the court or just shooting trash in a trash can, I always saw myself playing in the NBA.”

Young’s positive attitude is part of why we chose him as an Express Game Changer. As one of the most watched and analyzed young players in basketball today, Young had to cultivate rock-solid confidence while also honing his skills on the court. This resiliency comes through immediately when you talk to him. From the importance of taking time off, to his own personal style, which he describes as “smooth, but not too flashy,” Young is all about finding balance and staying optimistic, no matter what.

Because we could all use some of Trae Young’s shorts-suit wearing, “you can’t touch me” confidence, here’s how to apply the Atlanta point guard’s can-do attitude to your own life. Live with this much mindfulness, and you’ll be running circles around your competition in no time.



1. Work Hard, But Take Time for Yourself, Too


“Summer has been great. Getting ready for the whole draft process was very tough, just grinding every day. I had a little break, took some time off, and now I’m back to work, so it’s all good.”


2. Have Personal Goals, But Put Your Team First


“My strengths are my ability to shoot, pass, and get my teammates involved. I want to be an overall playmaker, to be able to do everything. My goal this season is to make the playoffs. My main focus is winning and taking care of business as a team. My individual goals will follow.”



3. Try to Win, But Don’t Get Discouraged if You Lose

“At the end of the day, there’s going to be a winner or loser. But you can always bounce back and play again. The competitiveness of basketball is part of what makes it so fun.”


4. Exercise Your Body, But Also Your Mind

“Performing well on the court all starts with what you do off the court. I think half of playing well is mental. When you prepare mentally, you really get locked into the game.”



5. Dress with Confidence, But Don’t Go Overboard

“Whenever I shoot with Express there’s never just one look I like, it’s always at least two or three. I like to experiment and try different things. My style is authentic. It’s smooth but not too bright and flashy at the same time. And I always have to make sure my shoes look good.”