Two Models Prove that a Couple that Wears Denim Together, Stays Together

By Megan Gustashaw

Sanne Vloet and Max Ando have to be one of the cutest couples of all time—and no, that’s not just because they’re both professional models and make everyday jeans look like a revelation. Sit down with them for five minutes and you’ll learn that their relationship is all kinds of #goals. They travel the world together, work together, and learn from each other constantly. For fun they throw parties, cook meals, and walk around New York City in the middle of the night. Seriously: someone make a rom-com about these two!

In fact, the movie can start where their relationship did: at a rooftop party in New York City. Max and Sanne met in a large group and both felt an immediate spark. Later, they just so happened to bump into each other in the elevator as Sanne was about to leave the party and Max was just returning. Max took a chance and asked Sanne to have a drink with him at the downstairs bar, Sanne took a chance and said yes, and the rest is history—and flirty text messages.

For some denim and relationship inspiration all wrapped up into one gorgeous package, check out our interview with the dynamic duo below. Consider it a trailer for the box-office hit to come.

His Role Model

“Something I admire about Sanne is how hard she works. I don’t think people understand the amount of effort that goes into what she does and how much traveling she does. Staying on top of her business and everything she’s doing in her life, all while maintaining relationships with her friends, family, and me—that’s incredible. It’s very impressive. It inspires me to work harder.”

“Sanne has taught me that patience always wins out. She’s helped me remember to have compassion for other people, even when things are stressful or unpleasant and to let the small stuff roll off my shoulders.”

His Party-Starter

“One of our favorite things to do together is cook. My mom’s a chef, so I’ve always spent time in the kitchen, even though I’m not formally trained. I just help my mom whenever she’s cooking; watching her, admiring the food she’s making. That’s the thing about food: it brings people together. Sometimes Sanne and I will cook and my roommate will come and hang out. Or our friends will come over, and it turns into a party.”

Her Travel Guide

“The night we met, Max sent me a whole list—it was of like a homemade travel guide. I was looking for a destination for a holiday trip and he typed this whole essay for me on the Galapagos and why I should go there. I received it the next morning and I was like, ‘whoa, that’s kind of sweet, I should definitely respond.’ Not that I wasn’t going to or anything, but it really caught my attention.”

Her Night Owl

“Getting bubble tea at night and walking around the city at night is one of our favorite things to do together. It’s so simple but it’s the best. And I don’t even really like bubble tea! Or at least I didn’t until I met Max.”

Sanne’s Denim Crush: Tall and Flirty

“I love a very long jean, high-waist, and kind of big pockets so your bum looks a bit curvier. I like jeans with a flare too—I love the way they make your legs look. You wear them in the summer with heels and in winter with boots. Done. So good.”

Max’s Denim Crush: Slim and Dark

“I like raw denim or just a slim, straight jean in a dark blue or black wash. I look for something that’s as close to a skinny jean as possible without being too constricting. I want to stay comfortable.”

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