Models Lucky Blue and Pyper Smith Are Taking Sibling Goals to the Next Level

By Megan Gustashaw

Like most siblings who grow up in big families and small communities, Lucky Blue Smith and Pyper America Smith are close. Like, constant spontaneous laughter close. Like, finish each other’s sentences close. Like, at one point during their Express shoot we handed them a couple of mics and they went on a 30-round rhyming spree close. What separates them from other close-knit siblings is that they also happen to be style icons in the making. Watch Lucky and Pyper goof around with each other and you’ll be motivated to both make plans to hang out with your own siblings and bust out your favorite faded rocker jeans for the occasion. It’s truly a gift. No wonder they’ve got 4 million Instagram followers between them.

In all seriousness, the bond this blonde duo share is pretty darn cool. Not cool in the fashion way, but cool in the human one. Learn what memories and complementary qualities keep their relationship solid (and, okay, get some denim style inspiration while you’re at it), below.

Making it Up as They Go Along

“Pyper is very, I would say, spontaneous. There are some people who are spontaneous, but the spontaneous things that they do aren’t fun at all. Whenever I’m doing something with Pyper and it’s spontaneous it’s always fun because she also happens to be really goofy.”

Family Matters

“I love working with Lucky. A lot of the time you don’t know other people on set and so it adds a lot of comfort to have someone there you can always talk to. And we also just have a language, like the sibling language. I’ll look at him on set, and we’ll just start laughing. Because we know what we’re thinking about, and that’s so fun. People ask us sometimes, ‘Do you ever feel competitive between your siblings?’ And I’m like, ‘Not at all. We’re all separate, completely unique people.’”

“Lucky is very low-key and chill. He’s so chill. He’s a really great dad. And he’s a little sneaky charmer.”

Big Sis Vibes

“Lucky got bullied a lot when were in elementary school, like on the bus all the time, and it made me really uncomfortable and fired up and just sad. One time I was walking down the hallway with the kid who was always bullying him, and I went up to him and I was like, ‘Don’t you ever touch my brother again.’ I’ve always been protective of Lucky.”

How Lucky Wears it

I’m simple. I like to wear my jeans rolled up a couple times with a white T-shirt. Really classic.

How Pyper Wears It

I love denim on denim. The Canadian Tuxedo. It’s easy and comfortable, especially if the denim is nice and worn in. You just throw that on, and you look really styled.

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