Behind the Scenes with Jordyn Woods and Stella Duval, Fashion’s Hottest New Muses

If you follow models and It-girls Jordyn Woods and Stella Duval on social media, there’s a good chance you feel a little bit like you know them. The funny thing is? They feel the same way about the people they follow—including each other. The two twenty-year-olds learned about each other via Instagram and other platforms before actually meeting IRL. When they eventually got booked on a shoot together, they were fast friends. After all, what could be a better ice breaker than liking each other’s vacation photos?

We brought the models and It-girls together again to show off our brand-new denim collection, which includes sizes from 00 to 18. Woods and Duval are proof that looking perfect in a pair of jeans is a matter of finding the right fit and owning your confidence, not what the number on the tag says. But don’t ask us, ask them. Read on below for their thoughts on the importance of body positivity in 2018 and the joys of Insta-friendships.

Insta Friends to Real-Life Friends

“Stella is also from Los Angeles and the city is small, well, actually, the world is small, so eventually you just cross paths with people. We first met on a job in Montreal and just clicked. Stella is very sweet and easygoing, and I like people that are just down to earth and nice. Working with her was so fun and easy. You can get close to people you work with on set because you spend so much time together and basically talk all day.”

#Goals for the Future

“I hope we continue see more diversity in the industry. I think that’s really important. Having more curvy models like Stella and I do cool editorials just makes sense. It’s beautiful to have our body shape—I want to see it more! I know I’m not alone in that.”Individuality is Everything

“Jordyn is so sweet, and just chill, and just a super awesome person. She’s not about pretending to be someone that she’s not. Being comfortable in the skin that you’re in is important. By posting racier pictures or an image with a belly roll or some other natural feature on social media, I think it sends a positive message. We’ve being true to ourselves.”

“I believe that your individuality is your greatest gift. Once I learned that concept and adapted it to my everyday life, that’s when I felt like I became the most confident. Because no one is you, and that’s powerful.”

Bridging the Gap

“There are so many people that I see out, whether it’s at a party or on set, where I feel like I know their whole story, or already know them because of social media. I’m like, ‘Hey! Okay, wait, you don’t know me, but I’ve stalked your Instagram before.’ I’m not afraid to let people know. It’s good to lift each other up and show each other love.”

Jordyn is All About Stretch

“For a girl’s night out, I usually wear my most comfortable skinny jean; something that makes my butt look good but is stretchy enough, so I can dance.”

Stella Goes Rock ‘n’ Roll

“I’m definitely wearing skinny jeans when I go out; like black skinny jeans, maybe with slits in the knee.”


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