Alton Mason Jr. Will Make You Believe in New Year’s Resolutions


If you’ve got the post-holiday winter blues, allow Alton Mason Jr. to help you see rainbows. From his positive outlook on life to his incredible dance-floor skills and his psychedelic personal style, it’s impossible not to feel optimistic when you’re in Mason Jr.’s orbit. A runway and campaign model, dancer, activist, and Instagram star, the 19-year-old was a natural choice for our Express Your Gift campaign. Mason Jr. has so many gifts, it’s hard to keep track. That said, sit down with him for ten minutes and it’s clear that his skills and success are as much due to his incredible work ethic, relentless positivity, and emotional sophistication as they are gifts he was simply born with. Learn more about this inspiring man on the make, and get geared up to embark on your own 2018 goals, through our interview with Mason Jr, below.

Express: What are your personal highlights of 2017?

Alton Mason Jr: This year will be a year I will never forget, I have gotten to travel and dance across the world, landing in places that I’ve only dreamed of. I became evidence to boys and girls around the world that your dream can be manifested through faith and consistent hard work! Making history as being a face in one of the first all-black campaigns for a major designer will be a highlight that I will never forget. Building relationships with artists and creatives that I’ve grown up watching and listening to has been surreal to me because it’s like, “Yo! You were just a picture on my wall and now here we are creating together in this realm of art! This is real life!!” To be young and doing what I love, setting an example for my siblings, making my parents proud, and being me has been the highlight of this year!

What cultural moments, artists, or inspiring people moved you this year?

This year, I really appreciated Jay-Z’s 4:44 album. Sean Carter is a very inspiring person to me and watching his story unfold is always enlightening.

Kendrick Lamar’s Damn album was very, very important as well as Beyonce’s Lemonade album. These are all artists that really inspire me and encourage me to change the world by walking in my truth and using my story to inspire, comfort, guide, and uplift souls around the world.


What is your mantra for 2018?

In 2018, I must continue walking in my truth and remain aligned with my gift and purpose in this realm of art and creativity. I strongly believe that we are living in the times where distraction is penetrating and manipulating the mind at the speed of light;  I must take responsibility and remain focused in order to allow my destiny to manifest. I also must remain coachable and humble and accept guidance because there are many things that I don’t know and there many things I must learn in order for my creativity to expand.

What are you saying goodbye to in 2018?

In 2018 I have no choice but to say goodbye to people who surrender to negativity, people who seek validation, people who judge and criticize others because of their own insecurity and lack of self-love, people who choose not to rise above the distractions and mediocrity of today’s society, I know it’s hard but the choice is yours. In 2018, I must say goodbye to all energy that withdraws from mine instead of depositing! I’m also challenging myself to say goodbye to eating all meat and unhealthy foods that are made to break a brotha down and take my energy!


What is your holiday party strategy this year?

This year I’m only stepping foot into parties with good music! If the music is not poppin’, I’m out! I’m not the type of the dude that you’ll catch at a club but I will turn up at the crib, surrounded by good energy and people who like to get up and dance!

What does every great party outfit need to have?

Every good party outfit must have some fly, comfortable, pants that you can get down in. You never know, the music might make you hit a James Brown split! You don’t want to raise up with a hole in your pants. Trust me—it has happened to me a couple of times!

What is one big holiday style do and one big don’t?

The biggest holiday style do is to celebrate around the house in the flyest, coziest, robe! You could have the lamest pajamas, that’s fine, but the robe is what counts! The biggest style don’t: ugly sweaters! Please leave your ugly sweaters at home, they are not a look anymore!

What holiday-season track will make everyone want to dance?

Anything Michael Jackson! And that’s every season!

What are your staying-in rituals for those cozy nights at home?

For those nights, it’s a must to burn some sage, light some candles, and watch Netflix in the coziest velour sweats—don’t worry baby, the food is on its way!


What are you thankful for this year?  

I am thankful for my growth. I am not my past, however, I am my present and I am my future. Watching myself evolve and realizing the habits that I have broken and the person I have evolved into is truly amazing, and I am proud of myself. I am thankful for my family, friends, and loved ones. I am thankful for the platform that has been created for me to be heard, to dance and laugh, and express myself! I am thankful for art and creativity! I am most of all thankful for the Almighty.