Men's Lookbook: Home for the Holidays

By: Stephen Ostrowski

Pulling off business formal and casual Friday fit? That’s easy (with the right guidance, of course). Acing an after-hours wardrobe? Not so straight forward, especially when the urge to unwind over the holidays can cloud your aesthetic intuition. Sure, well-worn staples, time-honored sweats, and lived-in basics are practically code for off days, but what’s cozy isn’t always what’s stylish.

Planning out a chic vacay wardrobe might sound like an unnecessary extra step, but it goes miles for lazy days, spirited nights, and the unavoidable family photo (because you really don’t want to give grandma reason to point out why you’re still single). Whether you’re flitting between social engagements or plotting out the perfect position on the couch, here are the best ways to check out while keeping your closet dialed-in.



Show Your Stripes

Monochromatic crewnecks, hoodies, and pullovers score with us for their versatility and timelessness. But, they’re also predictable. Switch up your long-sleeves with a front-and-center set of stripes that energize the usual rotation.



Fall for Flannel

Hold back on the lumberjack jokes, because this spirited motif is for more than just mountain men. With a naturally rugged vibe and easy-to-pair wearability with henleys, beanies, and other cold-weather classics, flannel puts in all the work while you’re doing anything but.



Bundle Up Better

Cocooning under every bolt of cotton and wool in sight might have made for cute playground pics, but it’s a look best left to tykes. Slim-cut sweatshirts, flattering coats, and of-the-moment outerwear will let you layer up—and, more importantly, warm up—without keeping you down.  



Go Big on the Little Things

Hats and gloves are easily lost and discarded because we rarely put that much effort in them; after all, they’re just under-the-radar effects to survive getting from point A to B. Bench that conventional wisdom for a set of on-point accessories that weather the elements and look seriously sharp while doing it.