We are a brand with a rich history behind us and great opportunity in front of us.  Our goal – for both our associates and our customers – is to make sure that we continue to operate in the spirit of the brand principles that have been the foundation of this company for over thirty years.

Do the Right Thing and Do Things Right. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity. We act honestly and ethically and in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and company policies, including the Express Code of Conduct.

Begin and End With our Customers in Mind. We recognize that our customers are the reason we are here. Everything we do must reflect our commitment to providing our customers with quality fashion and excellent service and doing business in a way that makes our customers proud to be associated with our brand.

Passion With a Purpose. We direct our attention, energy and commitment to the things that will drive the growth and success of the business and best serve our customers.

Performance Matters. Each of us is given the opportunity everyday to contribute to the success of Express. We have a responsibility to use that opportunity to perform at the highest level in all that we do, and in a way that is consistent with our Company values. We take personal responsibility for our actions and results, and know that how we achieve results is as important as the results themselves.

Creative Collaboration. We know we can achieve greater success by working together than we can by ourselves. We rely on the critical thinking, creativity and diversity of our Associates in order to be successful. We foster an inclusive and respectful environment.

We live and breathe these principles each and every day at Express.  Whether our Home Office, our Design Studio or in our stores, these brand principles and values direct our work as a business and as a leading fashion brand.  They are meant to help all of us make good choices and good decisions, and serve each and every one of us representing Express.