Love the style, but not the fit. I saw these bad boys in this month's Glamour magazine, and I had to have them. I purchased my correct size, and a size down just incase they ran big. I first tried on the size down, and I had trouble getting my foot inserted into the shoe, and I noticed that my toes were dangling over the sides of the shoe. :( Then I tried on my normal size, and the same thing. I also noticed that my foot had a 1/2 gap in between the arch of my foot and the base of the shoe (in both pairs)?? I don't consider myself with overly high arches either. So I guess it is the shoe. If I didn't pay so much I would keep the shoes, but since I did they have to go back to the store. Like the previous person had mentioned, if you have narrow feet these just may work for you! March 18, 2013
beautiful shoe, terrible fit Wow - I was so excited to get these but when they arrived I was SO disappointed. They are beautiful and look even better in person but you must have VERY NARROW FEET to wear these and be comfortable! Also, the ankle part came up too high on me and dug into the lower part of my calf. I tried on one size up (6.5 to a 7) but this didn't eliminate either problem. Ultimately I returned them :-( March 6, 2013
Amazing! I am so happy with this purchase. I am a size 7 or 71/2 shoe size and the size 7 fit perfectly. They are super sexy and will pretty much be a main staple in my wardrobe this summer! Love them!! March 1, 2013