Love this jacket I was looking for a jacket and something that would last me a good while. When i first got it i tried it on and loved it from that point. I just dislike that you know to carry around a small lent roller because it tends to attract fuzz. But other than that i highly recommend it. December 14, 2013
Great jacket that is very versatile. Jacket works for nearly any look and is warmer than I expected. Runs slightly small, not enough to be an issue for me, but others may want to look at one size larger. December 11, 2013
Solid All Purpose Jacket Though shown in the display with button-up and tie, what I like about this jacket is the way it can translate in to any moment. It's formal enough to wear with a tie, but it also goes well with a simple v-neck and casual jeans and does not seem overly formal at all. It is structured. Has that great wool texture you would expect. Durable, but very comfortable. As with all wool jackets it is inclined to pick up some hair (if you have a dog you will understand). But I am surprised with the general repellant quality of the material. Highly recommended as an all purpose, all event, all weather jacket. I am 6'3" and 175. I went with the large. The bottom sits nicely right around the waist, nice length on arms, just enough room inside to fit a sweater or couple layers if need be without being oversized alone. This is one of those centerpiece building blocks for the closet. You can wear it 100 times over and get more than your money's worth out of it and not feel out of place in a formal event or walking out the door for an afternoon looking for something to throw over the t-shirt while you are outside. November 16, 2013
Awesome Got this for my boyfriend for his birthday, he loved it! Pricey but it looks sharp... deff a good buy! October 8, 2013