Looks great and isn't too uncomfortable I was worried the heel would break off after reading the review before mine..but it didn't happen! Whew. That being said, these heels are really pretty and fit true-to-size on me. I would estimate the heel to be around 4 inches. The front of your feet will start hurting after about 3-4 hours of walking around. I suggest getting those little cushion-y pads for the front of the shoe so that 1) the heels are comfier and 2) your feet don't start slide down and the front straps don't strangle your little toes. Other than that, I really like these heels. They go with anything and make any outfit a little fancier. They're pretty easy to walk in. September 23, 2013
broke with 1 wear The heel broke off during my first use. I loved them until I was walking around with a broken heel on vacation but now I wouldn't trust buying shoes from here. August 9, 2013
Gorgeous! Wore these out last night and had several people stop me to compliment these shoes and ask where I got them. They are super sexy and pretty comfortable for heels. I'm usually the girl swapping my heels halfway through the night for the flip flops I have stashed in my purse, but I made it all night in these. Absolutely love them! March 30, 2013