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These plush knit gloves feature not just the hot sparkle of rhinestud embellishment, but also touchscreen compatible tips on the index finger and thumbs. Slip them on to stay warm, connected and fabulously styled all at once.
  • Mid forearm length with ribbed trim
  • Rhinestud embellishment on top side
  • Conductive tips on index fingers and thumbs
  • Acrylic
  • Hand wash
  • Imported
    Cute but poorly made for the price I really like these, and I wanted to LOVE them, but the quality is just not there. I wore them once for a total of 3 hours at the most, put them away for a week or so, put them BACK on to wear and both thumbs are unraveling. After one use??? These cost way too much (even at sale price) to fall apart like that. I'm very annoyed and dissappointed. On the upside, the touchscreen functionality did work for me pretty well. I guess it will work perfectly now with the thumbs exposed!!! SMDH December 23, 2013
    they worked for me I have the gray and the black pairs of these, and they do run a bit loose. Unlike the other reviewers, I haven't had any trouble with the touch screens on my iPad or my iPhone - it's not about pushing hard, it's about making sure those dis-colored threads make contact with the screen. If they're too big, I suggest throwing them in a hot water wash, which make fix the other reviewers' contact problems. December 22, 2013
    Not worth the money These are not compatible with touch screens. Maybe if you press really hard, but that defeats the purpose. I have worn them 3 times, and they sides are already coming undone. I'm not using them in extraordinary circumstances either. Just while outside. I take the bus so I am not even using them while driving. They are also HUGE. I have smaller hands and most glove are just a bit long on me, but nothing like this. My husband fits in them just fine, but the sparkle just isn't his style. Just not worth the money December 5, 2013
    not useful for smartphones I had a pair of smarttech gloves i purchased from bloomingdales that i lost so i decided it was time to replace them. These gloves matched the hat i bought so i thought it would be perfect. The material is pretty cheap and I can already tell they are going to get super stretched out. They are definitely not warm enough for the coldest weather and it's more of a struggle to use them with a smartphone because they are not picking up the tip AT ALL. I ended up taking the gloves off and having my hands freeze. I will keep them though because they match the hat, look pretty and i got them for half off. But i would not recommend them if you want gloves that actually work with your phone. November 20, 2013