T-shirt material dress that fits like a glove I love how this dress fits me like a glove, but because of the thin t-shirt/cotton material without a liner, it is somewhat see-through! Skater dresses are my favorite for my petite frame, but I will be returning this dress because of its transparency. January 3, 2014
Good buy I love how it fits so good on my body .. The skater dresses are a must have December 24, 2013
Colors bled into white from HAND WASH I will never purchase another clothing item from Express where there are multiple colors and white together. I only wore this dress once, HAND WASHED it, and in the middle of hand washing the red began bleeding into the white. Maybe this was a blessing in disguise because if I had put this dress in the washing machine with my other clothes, it would have made all my other clothes red! Horrible! I attempted to get the red out of the white on the dress with Oxiclean, hydrogen peroxide, detergent, soap, soaking in water for 2 days, and finally bleach. Nothing worked. The dress was completely ruined....from being hand washed. Needless to say I am extremely annoyed about all of this. December 18, 2013
i need bigger shoulders? While this dress fit perfectly on my waist and length, the shoulders run big? I wore this once for a Rockets game and probably won't wear it again just because messing with the shoulders was so annoying.. But it did fit my waist perfectly! December 9, 2013
Super comfy, and super cute! Love the color blocking. I feel very feminine and girly wearing it. December 2, 2013