Love this shirt! I have this shirt in so many colors! I think it's the perfect top for a young professional to wear in the office! May 19, 2013
This is a slimming, comfortable option for the work place April 21, 2013
Favorite Button Down Shirt I bought this in Tropic Blue size L. It fits perfectly and is very flattering. It's also the perfect length. (I don't like tucking in shirts so it's short enough to leave out, and long enough to not be an issue if you raise your arms.) The color is gorgeous, not exactly as pictured. Brighter and more intense than the sky blue shown. My favorite part of the shirt is that it has a little snap between boob buttons to prevent boob gap! I'm not sure how well this works in practice as I haven't worn it for a full day yet, but I wish more shirts had this. Even without it, it's a lovely shirt, and I'd definitely recommend it. Wish there were more color options! *I bought a purple one with two pockets, and it did not have the little snap. Other than that it's very similar, and also very nice. April 12, 2013
Professional Shirt Comfortable shirt to wear to the office. Hard part is that the medium seemed big but the small was really small. Wish they were sized 0-16 instead of small, medium, large. April 8, 2013
Love it!! I love this shirt, it can be a professional or casual option. March 24, 2013