Hollywood fit! I own this shirt in exactly every color that is available. I am small-framed and busty. If you want a nice fit, but are concerned about gaping, try this: After each button, insert a safety pin from the inside of the shirt and pin the opening closed. If you thread it just right between the two sides, the pin will not be visible at all. Continue to do this after each button. You will need five safety pins. It does not take long and it is easy to do. I get compliments on these shirts often because people want to know why my shirts don't gape open, especially given my chest size. Tthe shirt is tapered for a stunning fit. It is not too tight under the arms and stretches just enough to make you comfortable. It does not lose it's shape. I wear these shirts tucked into my pencil skirts. It makes me look taller, with a longer core. It also makes my waist look smaller. The shirt is easy to care for. I wash the light-colored ones together in cold water and Woolite. I do the same with the deep colors. I dry on a low heat and have not noticed any shrinkage. I have found my new look with these shirts and I will continue to look for the latest colors. September 11, 2013
I have bought this in the bonnie blue, which is not longer available. I say this shirt runs a little on the small size in the chest. I usually wear a small or a medium depending on the fit. Since this shirt is more fitted the small gaps in the chest area so I need a medium. This shirt is nice because you can throw it in the dryer and not have to worry about ironing it. It does shrink a little but not a lot if you put it in the dryer. It is a great everyday shirt to have if you work in an office. I Iove the print on the shirt and the collar. March 28, 2013
Perfect shirt I have these shirts in about six colors and I love them all. They never really wrinkle and are super comfortable. I like how they have a slight stretch to it. They look professional enough for work and nice for a drink out, after. The buttons at the chest area never pop open. March 25, 2013
Love this shirt I love this shirt! I think it is my favorite work shirt that I have bought from express! March 19, 2013
Love it! I have this shirt in purple and black, and the purple is my favorite. I love the print inside the cuffs. The fit is perfect for me--I'm 5'9", 135 pounds, D-cup. I also love the length of the shirt--I have a super long waist and it's hard for me to find button-down shirts that stay tucked in. March 16, 2013