Live this shirt I have seven of these shirts in different colors and patterns and I definitely plan on getting more. You can wear this shirt to work in an office setting or out for fun. I'm completely obsessed with this shirt. August 16, 2014
There is a Secret Trick The trick is to cuff and button the sleeves before putting the shirt on. lol Anyway, as you can see by my username, I am a fan of any Portofino shirt. Like many other customers, I ordered four of these and Brocade Blue is my favorite color (it's like, a deep turquoise). I don't really like the cuffed look in general, and prefer to wear it with the sleeves down; but, perhaps I will cuff it once in a while for versatility purposes. I am obsessed with the sleeveless shirts for the summer! Express, please make more sleeveless in the black color in a large size. Thank you! August 14, 2014
The Best!!!! I think I own just about every color of this shirt (or will by the end of this month). If you are on the fence about buying the shirt, just buy it! This shirt is perfect for almost every occasion short of using it as a pajama shirt! In all seriousness, I cannot help but love this shirt. It is perfect for work and casual settings. Looks sexy with a pencil skirt, dress slacks, jeans, you name it! The quality is exceptional and the style is timeless. I know these are shirts I will wear for years to come and they won't go out of style. They are also perfect for all types of weather. I will say it again; BUY THIS SHIRT! August 14, 2014
Underwhelmed I really wanted to like this shirt. It had so many good reviews, but I just wanted to add my 2 cents. The material felt cheap, and the sleeves were difficult to manage. When they were rolled up, it felt like they were cutting off the blood flow to my arms (I tried two different sizes, the XS and S, and the S was too big for my frame. Even the S was tight in the arms). The shirt sleeve came unrolled easily, and it's a pain to rebutton it. I'm glad the shirt has worked for so many people, but it didn't work for me. August 13, 2014
A great, fun, and flirty top for any occasion! I love the Portofino top! Every time I see a new color or design for this top come out in stores or online, I have to have it! This shirt is comfortable and although slightly large in sizing, it is still a shirt you can rock to work, wear during the day for a casual outing, or even dress it up with a nice skirt or pants and heels. August 13, 2014