To go to work pants These are my to-go pants for work. The Lycra makes it stretchy, soft, and comfortable. The grey heather color is versatile. It is also shape-forming but professional. June 4, 2013
Not my favorite I bought these after getting the regular studio stretch columnist pant (NOT slim leg). I loved the original ones and thought these would be great too just with a smaller leg opening. These slim down higher than I prefer, it kind of starts around the calf instead of at the ankle which isn't a good look for me. However, that probably happened because unlike the original columnist pant which is a little long on me, these are about 2 1/2 inches too short in the regular size. I'm 5'9" so I figured if the originals were too long on me that these would be just right or also a little bit long. However, they are way too short. I'll be returning these. I can't say they are a bad pant because I clearly didn't have the right length for me. Perhaps if I'd gotten them in a long I would have liked them better. If you are a fan of the original columnist pant I would say to think twice before assuming you'll like these just as much. Definitely better to try in a store before buying if you have that luxury. June 4, 2013
Perfect Career Wear! I'm 5'6" waist size 25, 100lbs and have had a horrible time finding pants that fit around the waist, hug my legs and don't drag. I've found them! I purchased 4 pairs of these columnist slim leg pants (black, brown, grey, reed) and I love them! I ordered 00S and they fit unlike all other department store pants and they're just as nice as $200 pants. I love how snug they are, all other pants have been really loose on me and I decided to purchase them after my boyfriend called me frumpy. I AM NOT PAM from The Office any longer! I wear mine with flats but I can see how they may be short if you wear any kind of heel. If you have slim legs, these are the pants for you. Just be sure to try them on first! May 31, 2013
Yep. Too short As the previous reviews state, they are too short. They are at least 2 inches shorter than my other columnist pants. Too bad, they are the only style that comes in the basic colors. Bring back the double weaves!!!! May 26, 2013
Sadly Disapponited Today, I received 2 pairs of Columist Slim Leg pants in White and Charcol and I have to return them tomorrow. They are too short! The fit..perfect. The material...perfect. Only one length was available..unfortunate for me. The tag says 4R which I have a pair in black that I purchase several months ago and they are about 2 inches longer than longer than the ones I received today. I am very disappointed as I was waiting for this very style in white and now I have to return them. I should have listened to the previous post. If they become available in a longer length I will re-purchase them. Please ...Express keep us taller girls in mind. We are all not 5'2 and we like to wear heels with our pants. I'll keep checking. May 20, 2013