Wish all t's felt like this. This is the softest most comfortable t-shirt I own. This t definitely looks better if it's fitted. I exchanged my large for a small. I've worn it with black and gray skinny jeans with black ankle boots and wedge sneakers and received compliments every time. The faux leather details are nice too. My mother is 1/2 Native American and she complimented me on this shirt. This shirt actually reminds me that I am 1/4 Native American. I think it's beautiful. October 6, 2013
Love this shirt! I get so many compliments when I wear it out. It's flattering and comfortable and I love the image. The little studs on the shirt make it really stand out. It runs true to size; I'm a medium at Express and the medium fits really well. September 29, 2013
I love this shirt ! I too am from Oklahoma and a card carrying Indian. In fact, my entire family are card carrying Indians. I think this shirt is cool. To each their own, BUT in NO WAY am I offended by this shirt. There simply isn't anything to be offended about. It runs a bit small BUT other than that, it's a winner !! September 25, 2013
Love this shirt I bought this shirt in xs I was on here looking for a shirt with the similar fit as I am an hourglass and anything that can fit me tighter in the waist is good for me I wear this shirt with the minus the leather jeans. I had to retort as I saw the negative comment below, as someone who is from Oklahoma and is a card carrying member of the Choctaw and Cherokee nation I by no means find this shirt offensive ... If it was a scary skull with cross bones or something maybe then it would be ... But it's not its just a pretty shirt and I love headdresses and I love skulls and I love black so I wear this shirt with happiness :) it's all a frame of mind -if you're a negative person you will see bad in all things. If you're positive you will see good in all things. September 22, 2013
Derogatory in every way! I am completely disgusted as offended by this t-shirts design. As a Native-American employee and customer to express I find this despicable and completely disrespectful to my race. Yes, i understand that skulls are "in" as are Native American design, so why not combine them? But to use a skull with a Native American chief headdress? It's shocking that they decide to represent a race that has been referred to by many people (both of this particular race and others) as "extinct" and "non-existent" without thinking about the back-lash. September 21, 2013