Very cute shirt for a shorter person. I love the look of this shirt. I think it's an extremely flattering casual shirt and I would wear this a lot. The problem with the shirt for me is, it's wide and short. I am 5'6 125 lbs, and I've tried both the XS and the S. The XS fits me fine except for the length - I tried the S to see if it gave me a little more length but it didn't. If you're 5'2 or shorter (that's an arbitrary guess - you just have to be a lot shorter than me) and like non-fitted shirts that don't look like a bag, this shirt could work for you. It's narrow towards the bottom but in a flattering way. I really wish it were a couple of inches longer because I would buy this in all the colors then! 4 stars because I think it's a cute shirt - just too short for me. July 25, 2013
Good idea but not good execution This shirt looks so cute but it is made very awkwardly. I wanted to find a way to keep it but ended up returning because it just wasn't flattering. I hope they make it again with a better fit pattern. July 14, 2013
nice nice shirt, need a size larger for broader shoulders July 8, 2013
This shirt is very cute on but you have to constantly adjust it so the diagonal piping and shoulders stay where they should. July 6, 2013
Cute but too short This is a cute top but it's too short. It looks a bit boxy on me & I think it's because of the length. It wouldn't stay put & i hate having to adjust my top. I think it would be okay for a shorter girl. June 10, 2013