LIKE I really like the look of this sweater, but the quality is not great. I stretched my arm and tore it. :( March 17, 2013
I had the same issue with huge holes appearing in the seams of this sweater. what's weird is that I also have it in the solid black and have worn it tons of times without issue. Very disappointed in this sweater :( March 11, 2013
not happy with the quality I purchased this yesterday and I fell in love with it. It looks really nice and it a soft comfortable material. But tell me why there are 3 holes on eah sleeve seam under the arms. Not happy. Its Express is not cheap. March 4, 2013
love! I have this in the natural which appears to be sold out! Receive many compliments every time i wear it. I have worn it several time and have not had any holes appears as mentioned in other reviews. March 1, 2013
Holes along seam I ordered this sweater online. It is really cute and comfortable, but the first time I put it on I noticed a hole in the sleeve along the seam. I recently ordered another style sweater and the same thing happened. I don't know what is going on with the quality of the sweaters lately but for the amount of money I pay there shouldn't be holes in them! February 28, 2013