disappointed ordered this dress online, like some people have said, the color is extremly bright!!! I like bright colors but thistakes it to the next level and makes the dress look cheap. April 29, 2013
Love it! I saw this on their clearance rack and I tried it and it's perfect. Perfect for party or office wear (which I really like). The color is not too bright but just right for the summer. April 26, 2013
Awesome if you are aware of the color I'm fortunate enough to have a skin coloration that can rock neon, so I was actually pleasantly surprised by the definitely not appropriately pictured neon-ness of this dress. It is not a coral-y, salmon-y, peachy orange like what is pictured, it is like a NEON coral. And I mean NEON. It is a unique color for a dress, but I LOVE it! Depending on how tall you are, this could be summer work appropriate. I am 5'6 and it comes about 3 inches or so above my knee, and the drape on the neck doesn't come down low enough to show any cleavage. In terms of fit, I wear an XS in express tops (S in camis) and a 4 or 6 in their pants. I ordered an S and it fits well, but a S would have probably fit, as well, because it isn't meant to be extremely form-fitting and has some elastic in the waist. It does come with a camel, tan colored belt with silver hardware. I don't think the belt matches the dress at all and would never wear them together. If you have to belt this, it would look better with a white, cream, or neon tone belt. But I think it looks better not belted at all. April 20, 2013
Waaaayyy too orange. In the photo, it looks like a soft, sherbety orange; it's actually a traffic cone shade. I cannot work that color, girls. I do love the fabric, though, and the cut. It's really a shame. April 15, 2013
The dress isn't exactly like what's pictured -- the color is an in-your-face neon orange, it comes with a light brown, camel-colored belt, and the hem hits just above the knee. The fabric is incredibly soft, and given that it's spring/summer, I can deal with the color. I'll probably alter the hemline to a hi-lo style to make it more flirty rather than matronly, but overall it's a cute dress. April 11, 2013