Best t-shirts! These are very comfortable and I wear them almost everyday! August 9, 2014
The men in my life love these I purchase these for my two sons and the hubby. They look so cute in these shirts. Love all the color choices. Wash well and the guys tell me it's a comfortable shirt to wear. August 8, 2014
Amazing & Comfortable Fit, Great Color Choices Without a doubt, the stretch cotton v-neck tee is one of the most comfortable basic shirts you can find at Express (or, anywhere for that matter). It is hard enough to find XS-sized shirts at any store, and it is a relief to be able to find these tees in XS at Express, without compromising the way it fits or without having it look too big on small frames like mine.. I have just about every color I could find at the two local Express stores in my area, and I have been more than happy with each of the tees. The colors do not fade when washed correctly (I definitely recommend COLD water and Cheer ColorGuard laundry detergent, and to wash these tees separately to keep the vividness of the colors last even longer, and to dry on LOW heat only to avoid any shrinking). If you find a color you absolutely love, I recommend buying more than one, so you always have a backup in case one is in your laundry. These variegated shirts go with just about every outfit, from casual to a little more dressy (they especially look great with a blazer). These shirts are definitely a staple in my everyday wardrobe. Be sure to pick up a few of the white-colored stretch tees in both the v-neck style and crew neck style, as they are incredibly comfortable under any dress shirt. Overall, a fantastic fitting and versatile tee. July 7, 2014
Good material - try to buy on sale These are good solid t-shirts. They come in a wide variety of colors and the material has a nice amount of stretch to it. Good for layering or wearing on their own on a hot summer day. Try to find a sale on these if you can. July 5, 2014
Casual Outerwear That Feels Great This article of clothing is lightweight and comfortable. Would not recommend tucking into pants as they will get pulled out but will still stay in the pants making the wearer look not as sharp as it can have a lot of cloth that bags outside of the pants. June 30, 2014