Excelent work pant. I'm a makeup artist and have to wear all black. Now some makeup counters allow their artist to be trendy and stylish but the one I work for is a little more clean cut conservative, so this pant is the perfect answer to a skinny jean. Haven't had an issue with them yet as far as quality of the garment and I absolutely love the fit! February 10, 2015
Good fit, great for work. They need more colors. And have them in stores as well. December 24, 2014
Good fit but horrible quality. Summary: Out of 4 pairs of pants this is what I've found - 1 pair was labeled with the correct size but was an inch bigger in the waist than the other three. - 2 pairs have broken belt loops. - 1 pair has a hem that's coming undone. - 1 pair have missing buttons. I've worn these pants to work for 3 weeks and I've washed them twice according to the instructions. (I don't dry them btw, I hang them up to dry) Details: I'm a graphic designer and I ordered these pants for work because I liked the price and the slim fit. When I received them I checked the sizes, which were correct, and I tried on two of the four pairs. They fit really well so I washed them and started rotating them through my wardrobe. Later that week I picked out a pair that I hadn't tried on yet and after putting them on, it was like a Jenny Craig after photo, they were freaking huge! I checked the size again and the label was correct but when I matched them up to a pair that fit, there was an inch difference. Obviously they were just labeled with the wrong size but really? To add salt to the wound the pants that do fit are falling apart. Belt loops on two of the four pants have come unstitched, the hem on one pair is starting to come undone and the button on another pair has come off. I've worn these pants for 3 weeks and washed them twice. This should not happen to new pants. These pants are being taken back to the store for a refund. DO NOT BE DECEIVED BY THE NICE FIT!!! THEY WILL FALL APART IN A MONTH!!! November 5, 2014
Brilliant evolution A massive stride forward in fit. The Innovator holds it's own in a room among the most stylish and modern looks available today. Naturally there are some truly luxury products available to the fashion savvy among us, but dollar for dollar, these punch way above their price tag! "The Innovator" extra slim fit is a brilliant evolution of The Photographer! October 28, 2014
Color fades off I wore these pants to Church on a Sunday morning, I had to help out a friend by moving some cans of paint, i got a little drop of paint on these pants, and as i tried to wash the stain off, the color of the pants came off too, and i just used water and a tissue paper. Great pants, but horrible quality. September 29, 2014
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