Dear Express: Please make matching suit jackets! These pants are simply awesome. I really hope that Express starts making matching jackets so it can be worn as a suit. Like many other reviewers here, I currently wear Photographer suits and although the Photographer jackets are near perfect, the Photographer pants are way too baggy/saggy in the butt, upper back leg, and below the knee. This Innovator style has completely solved that problem. I don't normally write reviews but Express really nailed the fit on these! May 31, 2014
Don't Hesitate. Buy them. I am extremely pleased. The fit is perfect. My butt looks great and the lines are SO slim and stylish. These are exactly what I wanted. Much nicer than the photographer. I was afraid they'd be too tight around the calf and ankle (almost like skinny jeans) but these are PERFECT. Go ahead and buy them. May 28, 2014
Fits better than Photographer cut I've been wearing the photographer cut dress pants for about two years or so now and when I saw these, I knew I had to try them. The fit with these is even more amazing than the Photographers. They're not baggy anywhere and my girlfriend absolutely loves the way they fit on me. I really hope that Express comes out with a full Innovator suit. To have this kind of fit off the rack would be amazing. Now I need to buy more colors =) May 8, 2014
Favorite dress pants Express nailed it on this one! Have always wanted a slimmer fitting dress pant that isn't baggy at all whatsoever. Photographer was good but still missed something, the innovator was right on point! Definitely need to put in stores! March 8, 2014
Nope The fit is okay. I wouldn't call them extra slim. The pants are still kind of baggy towards the bottom. I guess they run a bit long. The material is terrible. It feels too synthetic. I don't think i'll ever buy cotton pants from express again. Wool pants always feel and fit better even in summer. Don't buy if you can't try it on in the store. February 22, 2014