i love it this deep v-neck black tee is the best pleas bring it back i buy between 6 to 10 of them every year. July 26, 2014
BRING THIS SHIRT BACK!!! IT'S AMAZING! Please bring this shirt back! This is my husbands favorite go-to tee-shirt! Fit's great, and he loves the deep v-neck. June 28, 2014
BRING THIS BACK! This deep-v fits perfect -- the neck-line is better than any of the other shirts -- and has been my main-stay for years now. I wear it as an undershirt (in white) and as just a shirt in colors. Please bring this shirt back! April 22, 2014
Great Undershirt/Casual Tee The deeper V-cut of this tee makes it great to wear as an undershirt beneath your dress/sport shirts, to prolong the life of the shirts, because it allows you to leave the top two buttons undone without the tee peaking through. I wear the black, the dark heather gray, and the light heather gray tees as undershirts and have found them to be great! These tees also serve well as casual tshirts to go with any type of pant -- jeans, chinos, joggers/sweatpants, and even trousers. They are very fitted and hug your body. They are 95% cotton and 5% spandex. April 13, 2014
The New T-Shirt In Town I never used to be into V necks it seemed weird but then I wore one. Now I hate anything else. I like the freedom not feeling choked by a shirt, plus if you have upper body tattoos ( like I do ) it's a great way to show them off a little. They are comfy for lounge wear or as a pop of color to an outfit. I have a wide variety of deep v's in all colors. Only wish you could find them more in stores besides the basics. March 5, 2014