Good Bootcut Jeans These jeans are very comfortable and the material is really soft. I'm 5'0 and ordered the short length and it was perfect. November 11, 2014
I really like these jeans! I have read the other reviews about these jeans ripping. I have had two pair for about a year and they are still in good shape. I never put them in the dryer, so wonder if this might be the key? They are very comfortable, and are great for curvier figures. Can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. I just ordered two more pair for work. I am in my 50's so these jeans can work well for both 'young' and 'old but young at heart'. ;-) August 30, 2014
Thought maybe mine were different So i read the reviews and even tried these on in the store and thought "I know a lot of people said they rip, but they are SO comfortable. Maybe mine won't do that". I had them maybe 2 months and of course, exactly as discribed, the has two holes in the pocket corners. I LOVED these jeans, they were so flattering and comfortable I wore them all the time. If you don't think they will rip, think again. July 17, 2014
Best Loungin' Jeans I love these jeans for lounging and running errands. I don't recommend these jeans for a night out on the town though due to the fact that they're definitely not a premium denim. The material is pretty thin, so I can see how they would rip for so many. Thankfully they have not ripped for me yet, and I've had them a few months now. They stretch quite a bit too, to the point where I could pull them all the way down to my knees without unbuttoning them. Again, lounging and running errand jeans! I am 5'9" tall with 39" hips, and wear a size 10. June 30, 2014
I thought mine were the only ones!!!.... Mine ripped exactly 6 months after I bought them too!!!!!!! I thought that maybe I just bought too tight a pair but after reading these reviews it sounds like this is a common occurrence with these specific jeans only. However, I give everything a second chance so I'm buying another pair of these hoping that they wont rip this time because I really liked them for the short period of time I was able to wear them. **crossing fingers** Side Note: before I ever bought this specific pair of jeans I had the regular low rise boot cut jean (no thick stitch) and they have lasted for nearly two years now with no ripping just the normal fading has occurred. If you are about to write off express jeans for good, I recommend giving it one last shot with these instead. June 21, 2014