my favorite ! I love these. I always come back to Express to buy these for work. They are very comfortable and they go with everything. I am a size 4, and I can never find a 4L which I wish they would have it, since I noticed they do for some other of the sizes! Other than that, they are great! December 1, 2014
These are my favorite pants! They are so comfy and they fit perfectly. I wear them all the time and they are still in great shape, I definitely recommend them. December 1, 2014
I LOVE THEM!!! Most comfortable pair of jean leggings. I have 4 pairs of Express black low rise extreme stretch jean leggings, you can wear them with heels, flats, boots, sandals and sneakers (dress them up or down). Fabulous to wear anywhere!! I highly recommend purchase these jean leggings, they are super comfortable, November 29, 2014
Love these I just recently purchased these jean leggings and I love them! They are perfect for a casual night out to the bars or they can be easily dressed up. Super comfortable and compliment my body well. November 28, 2014
What happened to the length I have 3 pair of Express black low rise extreme stretch jean leggings; I LOVE THEM. I purchased a new pair due to a great sale going on & my most recent pair no longer being super black due to continued wear (at least once a week). I ordered a 12R, same size all my others are. They for the same minus the length; they're short. I checked the tags in all my others & put those on to compare and although they were the same the one I already ordered were longer. I'm 5'7 and they didn't hit my ankle (I just bought low rise leggings in dark size 12R a few weeks prior & the length is perfect). They don't have 12L on line & it's hard to find 12s in any stores near me. I'm considering keeping the jeans cause I got them at a GREAT price and only wearing with knee/thigh high boots. November 25, 2014