wish there were different colors I love the style of the purse, this is definitely a purse I would use to work. I just wish it was all black. March 16, 2013
Great style...flap closure is frustrating I LOVE the style of this bag. Great colors and very professional looking. It fits my big binder and lunch box and other small purse items. The problem I have been having is that the metal clasp does not like to stay closed while carrying it, which can be frustrating. I think the handle attached to the body of the bag, not the flap, would be better and more secure. February 27, 2013
Great fall bag! This bag is great for fall. It looks high end and looks very professional and classic. It's roomy and you can probably stuff it but you won't be able to close the twist lock. I especially like how there is an inside zipper in addition to the flap closure for added security to your purse contents. September 9, 2012
Professional, beautiful bag. Could've been perfect This is an absolutely classic, elegant bag that is fit for a professional or student. It looks and feels sturdy and made from quality materials. I love that it has a handle if I want to simply hold it in my hands, and a cord if I want to place it across my body. I purchased the bag because I wanted to be able to fit my 13" ultrabook, a notebook or two, wallet, and keys in the purse. Unfortunately, I could barely fit my thin laptop in there and needed to adjust the one side of the zipper in order to fit the laptop inside. Because the bag had to be elongated length-wise to accommodate my laptop, it left less room width-wise to place items in the bag. Including the laptop, I could've probably fit a thin notebook, wallet, keys, and a few other smaller, personal belongings into the purse - any more, and I would've run the risk of causing damage to the laptop if I were to move around (the other items could've placed pressure on the screen). If you want to use this as a simple purse, this bag would be great. If you're a student/professional and want to carry a portfolio, notebook, and/or other personal belongings, I think this bag would fit your needs, as well. (You could even fit a netbook into it if you wanted to.) But for a 13"+ laptop and then some, it would probably be a tight fit. Since I can't fit all of my things in there, I gave it an average rating, however, I still would recommend the purse. I love the bag, it is beautiful...if it were only somewhat bigger I would've given it 5 stars without hesitation. August 16, 2012