No more Stretch on those Chinos! Chinos and Cotton Jogger pants no longer have the Lycra laced in them making them very hard to move in! I wear a size 29/30 dress pant and 28/30 chino. I was able to fit into these fine with Lycra. However once Express made their chinos 100% cotton, I could not move in them! They were Super Tight! Also with the jogger pant, I could not squeeze my angles through the leg holes let alone move in them. I had to exchange them as they are non useable. If you are wanting to move in these chinos or cotton jogger pants, beware, you will have a hard time moving in them unless you get them aorund 5 sizes over your normal chinos size from the lycra chino days! November 11, 2014
Love these pants These pants are some comfortable and stylish. I would recommend that everyone get a pair. July 28, 2014
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