90210 This bow tie is very well designed and neat, worn with suspenders it makes for a great addition on any sleek intelligent look. Love it! June 22, 2014
Stylish bow tie Great for any guy looking to add a little "pop" to his solid colored button down like a shiny concord red or matte neutral color. Adds a nice stylish touch. April 10, 2014
Super Nice Tie I bought this because of it would make a nice "addition" to my collection, and it just stands out due to its great combination of math and fashion. It's also a great conversation starter and I have gotten so many complements from it. I would not regret buying it. February 9, 2014
Nerd out As soon as I saw this bow tie, I knew I had to have it. I just wish it were one you had to tie for yourself as opposed to an adjustable clip on. December 18, 2013