Very pretty A cute and comfy sweater tee. The detail on the sleeve is stunning. Love it! October 15, 2014
Thought I loved it, but... At first, I fell in love with this sweater. Super soft and comfy, and is very flattering as well. However, once I washed it and hung it to dry, it completely lost its softness. I followed the washing directions, not sure if this is just a fluke, but now the material is very coarse and just kind of hangs on my body instead of before, when it was soft and flowy. I still wear it because I love the sleeve detail, but if I had known this would happen I wouldn't have purchased it. October 8, 2014
In this instance, do follow the care instructions. I bought this shirt recently and the shape feels awesome! It's one of those shirts that looks iffy on the hanger, but when you try it on, you're glad that you did. It's fitted and clings to your figure but with enough comfort to be neither loose or super tight. Also, it's long enough in the back to where if you are wearing jeans, you won't have to worry about pulling your shirt down to cover your backside. In other words, it's how a shirt should fit. As far as the care goes, most of my "hand washables", I put them in one of those mini bags for bras and delicate clothing and then hang them up for dry. Yeah, I'd advise against that with this. Three studs came off in the bag, so next time I'll just take the time to actually hand wssh it. I still love the shirt though and wouldn't return it over 3 lost stones I know no one else will notice :-) I totally recommend buying it. October 5, 2014
Perfect Touch of Sparkles!!! Very versatile, pair with the right bottom it will work for the office or after work. Just the right amount of sparkles on the shoulders to get attention but not to shiny. Sweater is silky and fits great! October 4, 2014
Lovely sweater tee I really adore this short sleeved sweater. It's incredibly soft and the rhinestuds don't fall off after washing. It's warm and the material is worth the cost. It has a slight large fit but I wouldn't size up. That's how this sweater is intended to be worn! October 4, 2014