almost perfect I bought this necklace (the rose gold) yesterday finally after having it on my wishlist for months because I loved the look of it. It looks fantastic on and is a great statement necklace that will go with many outfits, and is also decent quality and doesn't look cheap. My only issue with this necklace, and the reason it doesn't get 5 stars is the small black bits at the top also fold in and end up standing up instead of sitting flat like they should. I tried twisting the chains the opposite way before I hooked them and that seems to help, however it is just still kind of off putting because I know when wearing it I will always be self conscious about it. Beautiful necklace otherwise! October 26, 2014
Got this necklace a few months ago in white and loved it. Saw this one was a bit dressier & had to have it. Not too heavy & perfect statement necklace for a night out. Love it!! October 9, 2014
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