Cute!!! This dress is really cute and the sequined sparkles do not scratch you like the cheap ones. The dress is well made (sorta heavy though...) but I wish it had better waist band. The waist band is just plain band and I feel that I need to find a belt for it. But since it's so sparkly, I find it hard to find a belt that match the dress. I am keeping it because it fits at all the right places and I like the quality of the dress. December 26, 2013
Great dress! This dress is just perfect for the holidays! it's very comfortable and fits perfectly. It shines and sparkles but not too much. The bottom is a little but fuller than in the picture but it covers imperfections very well! December 15, 2013
LOVE I fell in love with with dress when I saw it! Absolutely gorgeous and cannot wait to wear it. November 28, 2013
Really nice dress and great for the holidays! Looks great once you put it on. November 27, 2013
Amazing Dress This dress is wonderful! It will be perfect for Christmas and such big occasions. November 26, 2013