This tee says it all! Great flattering cut, plus how can you not laugh at the graphic? The places I wish I could wear this (work!!!). If you don't feel comfortable wearing this out, or for whatever reason can't, this is also soft enough to be a sleep tee so you can still get your message across. September 1, 2014
LoL How funny is this tee?? It fits like any usual Express graphic cotton tee. The color is almost like a washed out brown almost vintage like. The fit is true to size. Honestly its just something to add to your wardrobe as a casual on the go type of tee. July 4, 2014
Super cute I wanted this tee for the longest! I waited til it went on sale. Funny shirt. Pretty much what I'm thinking all the time. June 22, 2014
Love It Say's what I think with out saying it...So cool ! I think I will get one for my friends and sisters they will love it too. June 15, 2014
trashy we need this graphic... Seems like there are better things to say on a tee shirt.. June 13, 2014