great sweater I am a shorter guy, so the sleeves are a little long on me even for a small, but still a great sweater. It keeps you warm but isn't heavy. I have tried this with different looks, and it seems to work every time. May 19, 2014
Great style and quality what can i say, great style and quality for the price. Soft and comfortable. Recommended May 1, 2014
Nice and Stylish Jacket This was a gift from my fiance for our anniversary. Must say, it really does look great, fits very well, and I love the style. This is like a new style that is in, and It looks completely swag. Thanks a lot to my fiance for buying this for me. March 11, 2014
Great sweater I recently bought this sweater. I love it. It's soft, and though it does fit a little tight, it's actually better than I would have expected. I think I might have jsut been used to baggier sweaters. This just looks great, and feels great too February 27, 2014
Solid Sweater A nice sweater, but, only knock would be the sleeves are decently tight. For anyone who has some meat on their bones may need to go a size up (Shrinkage too) February 18, 2014