Love the way this pant fits, so modern. Available in a variety of lengths too. March 16, 2013
Fitting Jeans I am usually out when it comes to jeans. I am very picky about how they fit me, but this pair of jeans was an excellent buy. They fit great and I love them. I could recommend anyone to getting a pair. February 8, 2013
Awesome! true size and excellent quality. Just what anyone would like to see on a pair of jeans. January 29, 2013
My Favorite Pair of Express Jeans to Date I tried on these jeans in an Express store, but I ordered them a couple of weeks later on-line. They fit exactly the same way they did in the store and they are extremely comfortable. They look great with a pair of tennis shoes and a button-up shirt or t-shirt. January 21, 2013
Decent pair of jeans I love Express' quality and they will always have that over many of the other brands out there. After my initial excitement of getting my jeans, I tried them on and tried out the feel. A little rough feeling and baggier of a cut than I expected for Slim Fit. I thought to myself that perhaps after a good long run through the washer that I might think different. Alas, after two runs the jeans were still looser fitting than I hoping for. For the price, I am wishing i went for a different pair of pants instead of the jeans but I will definitely still wear them. January 15, 2013