Made with 1% spandex. Will shrink machine dried. So I bought 2 pair of this over a year ago. The description did not state that it's stretch jeans online. It says it on the pants. After washing the first time and wearing it .. it was perfect. After normal repeated wash and use in a month period .. gets washed and worn once a week. It shrunk due to the spandex. Just got two new pair, wasn't sure if it's the same one as it doesn't say stretch either. I checked the jean's label and doesn't say stretch on the jeans, but I check material and it has 99% cotton and 1% spandex. It will end up as skinny jeans .. and skinny jeans doesn't work with me So these are pretty much going back. Rocco Slim fit straight leg needs more color! Not every one wants to wear SKINNY Jeans! A reference : I'm 5'5 170lb with a muscular build. I also ordered ( 2934476 ) and also have (2934086) The regular Rocco slim straight leg that is 100% cotton fits perfect, slightly roomy. March 20, 2013
Awesome Jeans I'm a huge fan of these jeans, they look like super expensive jean, but are much more reasonable. March 16, 2013
The Best Jeans in the World These jeans gives a modern twist to any outfit. Wear it casually during the day or give your outfit an edgy look at night. Either way you cannot go wrong with these jeans. January 23, 2013
Great Jeans for the Tall and Thin Its hard to find a pair of jeans that fit great when you are tall and thin. These Rocco Slim Fit from Express are just snug enough to be flattering on a thin frame (6'2 175 lbs) with not much butt. I stick to the slim fit straight leg or boot cut and avoid the skinny jean style which is just too tight for my tastes. The quality over the long term might be an issue so try not to wash them excessively, maybe just once a week or so if possible (just don't push it!) January 5, 2013
Love it,fits well. Ah well all their jeans are amazing even though they may be a little bit high on the price but theyre worth buying, it feels like express is made to satisfy which it does lol January 2, 2013