FAVORITE PANTS The Rocco Slim Fit Pants, are deff my favorite style pants. They fit perfectly and the material is so comfortable. I am a guy that loves his shoes and likes to show them off just as much as his clothes. They hang perfectly about my shoe without falling over to cover them up. It is just something i love about express jeans. If you are having trouble deciding on which pair to buy... Rocco Slim Fit, is a must have in your closet!! February 15, 2015
Good choice ;P Im not sure if these are the skinniest jeans they got if its black. I like the pants, but they aren't as skinny as i thought they would be. i'm a 31x30. And they look slightly baggy. January 21, 2015
LOVE THESE JEANS! Perfect fit and stylish! First pair of Express jeans and I LOVE IT. Will never buy another pair of jeans again from anywhere but Express. December 23, 2014
Awesome! Jean The Rocco jeans are awesome. The black color and their design are compatible with people who loves to go on party. December 20, 2014
To each their own Others said it's tight. I say it just fits me right. It's a SKINNY pair of jeans! It's supposed to be tight. It accentuates my glutes, calves, and hamstrings just perfectly. If you train legs, you know what I mean. December 4, 2014
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