awesome Have gotten consistent compliments on the watch for over and half years. December 21, 2013
Great This is a real nice watch especially if you are a first time buyer for watches. This will go with pretty much anything. It looks way better in person too! Real shiny chrome accents and the matte black goes well together. December 20, 2013
great watch very nice watch beautiful color good style is great to take with you all the time either parties or dinners ago view bn express your style is a great store December 18, 2013
Great watch This is an excellent watch, I reason compliments on it all the time. Only downside is that the hands are the same color as the back, black. So it makes it hard to tell what positions the hands are in sometimes. September 24, 2013
A Watch Has One Job I purchased this watch last week in-store, along with a chic ensemble to wear to dinner that same night. On display, the watch immediately stood out as one of the nicer pieces. It worked incredibly well with my ensemble, and my friends complimented me on it. When I got to the restaurant, we had outdoor rooftop seating. When my friend next to me asked me for the time, I looked down at my new watch, and **could not tell what time it was.** Instead, I had to take my phone out of my jacket and look at the time from there! A watch has only one job to do, and that is tell time. By making the hour and minute hands black, and putting them on a black dial, it is next to impossible to see the time in any other setting other than broad daylight. And even then, it's still not fast to tell -- I know because I decided to give the watch a second try the next day in my work suit. The manager thankfully did not give me a hard time when I explained the problem and returned it. Great looking bracelet -- terrible watch. August 28, 2013