RESERVE FOR MEN 4.6 5 33 33
cheap smells cheap. very thin smelling, smells like something you would buy at walmart. great for a pre-teen I guess October 14, 2014
Subtle sophistication I purchased this cologne to expand my cologne rack, and it gave me a great impression. The scent has a good presence with it, a little goes a long ways. Stays with you and changes as it mellows out. Has an older bearing but with a fresh scent that can allow someone to be active or laid back with this scent. I would recommend this for a good clean presentation for most anywhere. June 30, 2014
amazing scent I bought this for my husband and he loved the scent, very happy with my purchase. April 7, 2014
Excellent cologne. Well worth the price. My girlfriend bought this for me and she loves it. And since she loves it that means I Iove it as well. I mean, that's the whole point, right? We're getting married in a week. Guess it worked for both of us lol. The cologne is not too sweet and seems to come off just right. It's pretty good! March 8, 2014
Very Good Purchase! My second cologne from Express and I have yet to be disappointed. Smells so good! Thanks, Express!:) January 24, 2014