Mixed emotions.... I have a love/hate relationship with these jeans. I bought a pair a year or two ago and loved them, they were just about the only jeans I would wear. Let's see...I'll start with the things I actually LIKE about these jeans...I love the wash, the thick stitch is what really makes me LOVE them, the pockets are super cute as well and every womans concern they do make my butt look nice lol..the DISLIKES I've turned more into the Jegging fit, which I like around my ankle better than the skinny, the little metal tag on the back on them where your belt loop is has torn off of my first pair, they do stretch out and get loose/baggy looking which I know is normal for express unless you go down a size. I also noticed they sit lower on your butt than normal jeans so your looking like a plumber if you bend over any. My review probably isn't much help but I just don't love these jeans as much as I used to, so my second pair I just purchased from online -- because I got the news that REROCK is no longer carried in the being returned Thursday =( HOPE THEY MAKE A JEGGING FIT THOUGH!!!! please please please May 6, 2014
2ND PAIR! so versatile!!!! this is my 2nd pair! you can wear this with anything! February 23, 2014
Another winner !!!! I just purchased these jeans & I love them. I must sign I was a little nervous wondering how they would fit, look on me, etc. They are so comfortable & look incredible. The only flaw is that they are a little loose fitting but there was no way I would try a smaller size. I am very pleased with this purchase & very happy with them. Thank you Express you have done it again !!!! February 22, 2014
lllooooveee themmm my favorite wash and everything. love the way them make everything look tight!! February 18, 2014
BEST JEANS! Legs look smaller. Wish they still made them in 6L January 27, 2014