Cute Fun Shirt Fits great, can be dressed up or down. The split does come up higher than I originally thought it would, but I still love it. December 3, 2014
Great Top I love this shirt. It's a great print and a cute silhouette with the split back can be worn day to night. It can be worn with jeans and a cardigan for a casual look, but also dressed up for a party or to be worn at work. November 9, 2014
Great top! Very lightweight and comfortable! Goes great with jeans, but could easily be paired with a jacket or sweater for work. I own two of these tops and have had no issues with washing (no shrinking or anything, usually hang to dry then throw in the dryer for a few minutes). Might have to get it in a few more colors! September 22, 2014
Sexy split tank I am obsessed with theses tanks! I have this printed one and others in different colors. I love them. They are very versatile. Tuck the shirt in with some nice editors/ columnists throw on a blazer and you have a chic yet professional work outfit. Pair with a nice skirt or dressy shorts and you have a sexy outfit for the nightlife. I had to go up a size due to my chest but it doesn't look too big. Ladies if you have bigger boobs, go up a size so it is not constricting. September 21, 2014