My favorite skort!! I love this item, it's pretty much my favorite express item ever and I can't believe it's gotten any negative reviews! I'm 5'6" and 118 lbs and it's not too short and I think it has great coverage. I disagree with below reviewer--no one can see my butt when I walk or even in a heavy wind and it's the perfect length. I even tested by putting a box fan on high below it and nothing showed. This review is for the white color, not a huge fan of the red. I think the shorts underneath are perfect for coverage! I guess with my smaller frame it's the perfect coverage, but not recommended for those with larger frames. Please don't make them longer this is the perfect length! I wear the white with a denim vest and short sleeve shirt or blazer or bomber, and find it very versatile . Goes well with boots or flats! I even wore it to my more casual work setting where it received lots of compliments. December 31, 2014
too short This skit is cute but too short. People can see my butt when I walk. December 9, 2014
Falls very short This is a good skort but goes very short in length. Picture shows top and skort but the dress has only skort and not top in the order December 4, 2014
Not a skort I bought this "skort" online. It looked cute. However, when i got it and tried it on, it was a disappointment. It's really a mini skirt with a piece of divider cloth in the center! I expected a shorts inside to hide ... whatever...since it's so short. I returned it to the store. I liked the the look of it though. July 21, 2014
just terrible This skirt is awful. I ordered the white one and have seen the red in the stores. The fabric is cheap, and cheap looking, and the pattern is even worse up close. There is an upbrupt seam between the two patterns along the flare of the skirt that unnecessarily causes it to jut out like a first grader's sewing project. The overall quality is of the 99 cent store variety. Amazingly disappointed in Express on this one. July 13, 2014