Handsome Suit! Just purchased this suit with my boyfriend and let me tell you it is great looking! He tried on a few suits at some department stores but this one was hands down the nicest and sleekest looking. November 3, 2013
Great suit! This is a great product. Fits perfectly and looks great! October 18, 2013
Exceptional! Sleek and chic, I loved this suit so much and received a lot of compliments on it. Provides a thinning effect, and matches well with the pants and vest. This was my first express suit and I was extremely satisfied! August 25, 2013
Fabric is surprisingly soft and pretty durable. It doesn't wrinkle as easily as the cotton suits but still needs a good steaming inbetween uses. Also not terribly warm like polyester suits even when wearing three peices. The design is a pretty and subtle plaid and is not obnoxiously noticible like other plaid suits. The fabric has a nice sheen to the finish and almost glows in the right light. The jacket runs perfect to your size and is cut aroudn the waist which is perfect. Better than slim fit suits from other retailers that have a baggy mid section. August 19, 2013
Great Suit This is a great suit. can mix it with multiple colors shirt/tie, and it looks and feel amazing! July 9, 2013