Poor quality I used to like Express pants as well as other items like dress and polo shirts. Once I find a brand that suits in terms of cut and fit, I tend to buy them over and over again. However, I can no longer buy these pants due to the poor quality of the material. I bought this pin stripe, the grey pinstripe as well as the black. These pants wrinkle almost immediately, for example – I get in the car, drive to work and when I get out of the car, it looks like these pants have not been iron or wash at all. They attract dust like crazy as well as dust marks wherever you have item in your pockets like wallet and keys. I compared it to a pair that I still have from many years back and it definitely is not the same quality as before. This poor quality can be seen on their dress and polo shirts as well. I know this is about this pair of pants but the poor quality seems to be across most of their items (or at least the items I used to buy). Wash the shirts once and the color fades. But, back to these pants. I would not recommend these pants or this brand anymore and have started looking elsewhere. This poor review will seem like it is out of place compared to the many rave reviews that you see here so I leave it to you to decide on your own. It could be I got a bad pair (??) but how can the material just be this bad on the pairs that I bought not to mention the poor quality I see in the other items mentioned. I really like Express cuts in pants and shirts but I just can’t buy these ‘disposable’ clothing anymore. I hope this will change but for now, it really is too bad. February 13, 2013
the fabric feels so good and it looks just perfect December 16, 2012
Must have!! I ordered this one online without trying it. I just love the feel of this pant, it is extremely comfortable. This is an excellent addition to my wardrobe. I am regretting for not getting more, especially because it was half off. December 4, 2012
runs small should have fit unless I gained more weight than I thought?? December 4, 2012
Great Pants!!!!! Love these pants for work, special occasions, and going out. Very versatile and fit great. Must have in every guys wardrobe December 4, 2012